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Our Story

Sequeira Partners was founded in 2010 with the goal of becoming the largest and most respected deal advisory firm in Western Canada. We have since grown to three offices and expanded our capabilities to include valuations. Today, we are Western Canada’s largest boutique advisory firm. Collectively, our team of professionals have completed over 175 mid-market transactions and 500+ valuation mandates worldwide.

While we have grown in size and experience, we have stayed true to our boutique roots: top-tier service with a focused and connected approach. We pride ourselves on our differentiated service that builds trust at every step.

Sequeira Partners

Our Mission

At Sequeira Partners, our mission is to continue to earn the trust that our clients place in us. We work everyday to deliver value and navigate complex solutions on behalf of our clients and stakeholders, keeping our direction straightforward and transparent.

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Working with Sequeira, they doubled my expectations from when I first considered selling. They got me to understand the value and helped me to negotiate a good deal that ultimately means more channels for our product, resources to grow and the ability to focus on new technology. Sequeira understood the vision, my company’s culture and what makes us special. And it was something they did very well.
Roberto Dominguez, Comalatech
What we appreciated about Sequeira Partners, is how the team took time to understand our company, how we work and our leadership style. Then, they took all of that and married it with the culture of the various parties. That’s ultimately what led us to find the right partner – and value that went far beyond the spreadsheets. Sequeira’s relationships are what really stood out. We needed someone we could trust – and quickly. Sequeira became an integral part of our team and our most trusted advisors.
Mark Weins, Foster Park
I have worked with Sequeira’s competitors, so I know who else is out there and how they do things. Sequeira is the best there is. Their teams are a big differentiator. In their line of work, they have to be good at a lot of things. They have people with the technical know-how, but who are also personable with clients and willing to work all night if they have to. That’s what makes them unique – the strength of their teams from the bottom to the top.
Stephen Curran, Seacliff/Arctic Arrow
Ecofish was my life’s work. If I was going to sell, I wanted to do it right. I chose Sequeira and got a top-quality, organized and detail-oriented team who gave us their complete and undivided attention. As a scientist, it’s my job to always be critiquing. We deal with all kinds of consultants and very few rise to the same level of professionalism as Sequeira Partners.
Adam Lewis, Ecofish Research
My number one piece of advice for someone selling their company would be to stress how important it is to surround yourself with a very strong advisory team. There are things that are going to come at you that you never would have anticipated, and there's rationale and logic as to why those things come at you, and their expertise is disseminating that information and the importance and relevance of it. Sequeira's team was professional, reputable, transparent—top notch quality individuals. They're just great people. It was a pleasure working through the process with them. And they became part of our team.
Brian Ganden, Granville West Group
Sequeira understands the oil and gas and construction spaces extremely well. They have deep connections. The Sequeira team have proven themselves to me—and a lot of my peers—on more than one occasion. Their track record speaks for itself. I trust them to do the job.
Neil Matheson, Thompson Construction Group

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